Day Trips From Cresskill: Exploring the Charms Around Bergen County

Day Trips From Cresskill: Exploring the Charms Around Bergen County

  • The Kolsky Team
  • 01/12/24

Nestled in the heart of Bergen County, Cresskill, NJ, is not only a wonderful place to live but also a perfect starting point for exploring the rich diversity of attractions in the surrounding area. This article highlights some of the best day trips from Cresskill, offering residents and visitors alike the chance to experience the beauty, history, and culture of this unique region.

1. The Palisades Interstate Park

Distance from Cresskill: Approximately 10 miles

A mere stone's throw from Cresskill, the Palisades Interstate Park is a natural wonder along the Hudson River. Stretching over 2,500 acres, it offers breathtaking views, miles of hiking trails, picnic areas, and a rich history dating back to the Revolutionary War. It's a perfect destination for nature lovers and history buffs alike.

2. Liberty Science Center

Distance from Cresskill: Approximately 20 miles

Located in Jersey City, the Liberty Science Center is an interactive science museum and learning center. With numerous exhibits, a planetarium, and live demonstrations, it's a fantastic educational and fun outing for families. The Center is not just for kids; adults can also enjoy the intriguing exhibits and stunning views of the Manhattan skyline.

3. The Historic Town of Morristown

Distance from Cresskill: Approximately 30 miles

Morristown offers a rich historical experience. Known for its role in the American Revolution, visitors can explore sites like Morristown National Historical Park, which includes Washington’s Headquarters Museum. The town also boasts charming streets, boutique shops, and excellent dining options.

4. New York Botanical Garden

Distance from Cresskill: Approximately 15 miles

For a serene escape, the New York Botanical Garden in the Bronx is a must-visit. The garden is an urban oasis, spanning 250 acres with over one million plants. The seasonal displays, special exhibitions, and conservatory are sure to delight visitors of all ages.

5. Bear Mountain State Park

Distance from Cresskill: Approximately 35 miles

An outdoor enthusiast’s paradise, Bear Mountain State Park offers hiking, biking, and picnicking opportunities. The park also features a zoo, a merry-go-round, and during the winter months, ice skating and cross-country skiing are popular activities.

6. Princeton, NJ

Distance from Cresskill: Approximately 50 miles

Princeton, home to the prestigious Princeton University, is a blend of history, culture, and academia. Visitors can tour the university campus, visit the Princeton University Art Museum, and enjoy the town's eclectic shops and restaurants.

7. Storm King Art Center

Distance from Cresskill: Approximately 40 miles

Art lovers will appreciate a visit to Storm King Art Center in New Windsor. This open-air museum features large-scale sculptures and installations set against a backdrop of rolling hills and woodlands. It’s an immersive art experience in a stunning natural setting.

8. The Jersey Shore

Distance from Cresskill: Approximately 60 miles

For beach lovers, the Jersey Shore, with its sandy beaches, boardwalks, and lively atmosphere, is a perfect summer day trip. Towns like Asbury Park, Ocean Grove, and Spring Lake offer beautiful beaches, charming shops, and a variety of dining options.

9. The Culinary Institute of America

Distance from Cresskill: Approximately 75 miles

A bit further afield in Hyde Park, the Culinary Institute of America offers a unique culinary experience. Visitors can take a tour, attend cooking demonstrations, or dine in one of the student-run restaurants.

10. Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area

Distance from Cresskill: Approximately 70 miles

For a mix of outdoor activities, the Delaware Water Gap offers hiking, canoeing, and fishing. The area is known for its scenic beauty, with waterfalls, river valleys, and forested mountains.

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While Cresskill is a delightful place to call home, its proximity to a myriad of attractions makes it even more special. Whether you are new to the area or a long-time resident, there is always something new and exciting to explore.

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