Buying a Home in Cresskill

Buying a Home in Cresskill

  • The Kolsky Team
  • 07/27/23
Welcome to Cresskill, N.J., the small and easygoing borough in Bergen County, just a stone’s throw from Manhattan. Beloved by families and professionals looking for a small-town feel within reach of big-city action, Cresskill, N.J., real estate is in high demand. But is the region right for you? Read on to see if you should move to this Tri-State Area gem.

Benefits of living in Cresskill

A quiet and close-knit community

Cresskill is a small, quiet borough directly across the Hudson River from Yonkers, New York. The borough provides the beauty and tranquility of suburban living without being too far from the hustle and bustle of big city life. Despite being within commuting distance of Times Square, Cresskill enjoys a close-knit community where everyone knows their neighbors, and community events are an integral part of the social fabric.

For example, the borough’s local government offers a municipal pool, travel soccer, travel basketball, baseball, and junior football, and a community center for locals to get involved and enjoy local recreation and sports. This friendly and supportive atmosphere makes Cresskill the perfect destination for families and individuals seeking a calmer lifestyle.

Excellence in education

Regarding schooling, the Cresskill Public School District is well regarded, highly ranked, and highly sought — known for providing top-quality education. Public schools enjoy a teacher-to-student ratio of 16 to one, and students consistently achieve high scores in math and reading proficiency tests. Local school districts cater to all ages, from elementary through high school. High-quality private schools in the area, like Dwight-Englewood School or Primoris Academy, also abound. Additionally, Cresskill’s proximity to New York City provides residents easy access to various prestigious universities, such as Columbia University, NYU, and the CUNY system.

The city at your fingertips

Despite its peaceful suburban location, Cresskill is a short, half-hour drive from Manhattan. For those taking public transit, the workday commute amounts to about an hour, less optimal than driving but perfectly manageable. This makes Cresskill an ideal location for those who want to enjoy the ease of suburban living but maintain ready access to the Big Apple’s employment, cultural, dining, and entertainment opportunities.

There is nothing like hopping in the car on a warm night, driving with the windows down over the George Washington Bridge, and spinning down Riverside Drive for a show on Broadway or a meal in Chinatown. Cresskill makes this possible.

The great outdoors

With several parks and natural areas nearby, Cresskill is ideal for the outdoorsy type. Visit the Tenafly Nature Center nearby, a nature preserve beloved by Northern New Jersey residents. Or stroll along the Hudson River, where plenty of hiking trails and bike paths provide excellent views of New York City across the river. Of particular note is Palisades Interstate Park, attracting visitors from all over the tri-state area for its hiking, biking, and natural beauty. A picnic beside the river cannot be beaten on a sunny day.

Disadvantages of living in Cresskill

Cost of living

Like many neighborhoods within commuting distance of New York City, the cost of living in Cresskill is technically higher than the national average. Real estate in Northern New Jersey commands high prices. This is a given for those seeking high-end properties, but it is worth noting and factoring in when evaluating Cresskill real estate.

Nightlife limitations

While Cresskill is peaceful, quiet, and family-oriented, the flipside is that, naturally, the nightlife is a little low-key. This small borough is more about peaceful nights and community gatherings than late-night parties. However, if you want an exciting night out, remember that Manhattan’s booming nightlife is merely across the river.

Transportation and commuting

While Cresskill is relatively close to New York City, traffic can still be challenging, meaning rush hour drives substantially lengthen commuting time. Ease of commuting is very dependent on personal schedules and traffic tolerance. If you plan to commute into the city daily, it is essential to consider traffic when making your decision.

Move to Cresskill

If the pros of living in Cresskill outweigh the cons, it is time to start planning your move!

Find the ideal home

Cresskill offers a variety of housing options, including family homes, townhouses, and luxury properties. Hire a reputable, experienced real estate agent specializing in the local market to help you find a property that aligns with your lifestyle and goals. They will also offer guidance on property taxes, mortgage interest rates, and other financial aspects of buying a home in North Jersey.

Take the plunge

Plan your move early and opt for a well-reviewed moving company, especially if you are moving from out of state. Be sure to check reviews and ratings. Also, strategically plan when to make your move. Summer and weekends are typically busier times of year for movers, so keep that in mind.


Relax and explore your new home upon arriving, unboxing, and planting roots in Cresskill. Visit local shops, such as trendy clothing stores like Reform Lifestyle Boutique, eat at local restaurants like the beloved local eatery Madison Cafe and Grill, and learn about community facilities such as libraries and community centers.

Local events and gatherings are a great way to meet and socialize with neighbors. Every town has its unique atmosphere, and Cresskill is no exception. Upon appreciating the community spirit, stellar education, and proximity to the city, you will soon be calling Cresskill home.

Working with a quality agent

Buying a home in Cresskill is a quality lifestyle investment. When ready to make the move, consider working with local real estate experts like The Kolsky Team. Their extensive real estate market knowledge and commitment to personalized service will help you through the complex home-buying process. The Kolsky Team will prioritize your needs and preferences and strive to find you not just a property in Cresskill but a place you can truly call home. Whether you're seeking a cozy family home or a luxurious estate, The Kolsky Team specializes in Cresskill NJ homes for sale and is dedicated to finding the perfect match for you. Take the first step toward your dream home and contact The Kolsky Team today.

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