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Fort Lee is also extremely charming and has a laid-back vibe, allowing residents to escape.

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A popular and historic borough with stunning homes and unmatched access to New York City
Fort Lee is a rapidly-growing borough that is in high demand by New Jersey homebuyers. Situated along the Hudson River atop the Palisades, Fort Lee is an incredible area that provides residents with unmatched access to the Big Apple. Many professionals and their families live within this area, as the George Washington Bridge makes commuting to and from the area hassle-free. Fort Lee is also extremely charming and has a laid-back vibe, allowing residents to escape from the hectic nature of bigger cities every day. Communities here are extremely diverse, allowing residents to meet and befriend people from all different backgrounds. Neighbors are often close with each other, and many choose to take advantage of all the activities in the area together. There is a wide range of homes available in Fort Lee, and many have stunning exteriors with recently-updated interiors, making for a welcoming and modern abode. Neighborhoods here are well-maintained and feature tons of modern amenities, making the area extremely attractive to potential buyers. 
Residents of Fort Lee live a luxurious and ideal lifestyle. Surrounded by local businesses, there is always something to do and see in the area. Fort Lee has an abundance of incredible restaurants, which oftentimes leads residents to get out of the house and socialize over meals. Some must-try spots in the area include Ventanas Restaurant and Lounge, which features innovative New American/Asian/Latin fusion dishes, and Shanghai, a low-key spot serving delicious Chinese cuisine. Another popular dining spot is City Perch, an elegant restaurant with tasty New American dishes perched on the edge of Fort Lee. Besides enjoying all of the amazing dining options that Fort Lee has to offer, residents can also often be found at any of the unique spots throughout the area. The Fort Lee Museum offers guests a rundown of historical moments in the area, Fort Lee Historic Park features scenic overlooks and breathtaking views, and the Barrymore Film Center will soon have a cinema and exhibits honoring Fort Lee as the birthplace of the American film industry. Besides visiting these Fort Lee-specific spots, residents also frequently enjoy browsing the downtown district, grabbing drinks with friends, and even enjoying a night out in the nearby metropolis of NYC.

Fort Lee also has plenty of exceptional schools for parents and students to consider. Lewis F. Cole Middle School and Fort Lee High School are just two of the great options to explore in the area. With impressive academics and a diverse student population, parents can be certain that their kids are receiving a high-quality and well-rounded educational experience.
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